Eating Nails And Metal Not The Best Way To Turn Into A Cyborg

A Peruvian man named Requelme Abanto has a new identity — the "hardware store". That's because he recently had surgery to remove more than 0.5kg worth of 5-inch nails, rusted copper wire, scrap metal and coins from his stomach.

The 26-year-old construction worker ate the metal for months, and told Peru's Channel 9 television that he may now do it in public "as sport."

"I swallowed 17 nails in February and didn't die," he said. "Five-inch nails, all in one day."

Doctors weren't surprised to find that Abanto had torn a hole in his stomach, so let this be a lesson to the kids out there — eating your way to a cyborg body isn't the best idea. Naturally, the man's mental health is being evaluated while he recovers. [AP via Metro Image via blurradial]

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