Domino's Pizza Order App Now On iTunes

Pizza Hut may have announced that they were going to launch their iPhone app in Australia last month, but Domino's has gone and launched their own app, and if you can stomach the thought of eating their pizza, it looks pretty sweet.

You get full customisation of the pizza, plus the ability to track your order and know when it's being made and when it's en route. You can select anything from the Dominos menu, including pasta and desserts.

The app is a free download. Definitely worth checking out if you eat Domino's pizza.

[Domino's iPhone app (iTunes link)]



    Great idea, if you have this installed it's much easier to order pizza wherever you are.

      Yeah because ringing Domino's is so hard

        haha real communication will be a thing of the past before! "Talk to somebody! you must be kidding!!"

        Mate, is not easy to order over the phone if u get someone with a really broad accent that by the way can't understand you properly...

        Using the website or the App, your order is made exactly to your desire with the only possible mistake made by yourself.

        Phone? that's so 1876...

        Ordering Domino's online is not fool proof. They have stuffed my internet order a few times. That's what happens when you employ 15 year olds...

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