Do You "Get" The Chrome OS?

Today we got our first glimpse at Google's Chrome OS and learned what it's all about. So let's start a discussion about some of the big issues.

1. First and foremost, do you "get" what Google is trying do do here? Does it make sense? Is it a good idea?

2. Google OS will be available first on netbooks and ONLY on netbooks starting in a year. Do you think netbooks will even be relevant a year from now?

3. Google also mentions that the first generation of the Chrome OS will focus on secondary machines. Do you even have a need for a secondary machine, or is one computer with a traditional OS enough?

4. Google notes that web browsing is the most important function of a computer . Without it, many of us probably wouldn't use a computer in the first place. So my question is, how much of your time spent on a computer is completely offline?


    dual boot with xbmc... cant wait

      My main concern would be bandwidth...How much is it going to consume and are most Australians going to exceed it monthly?

    The REAL question is - do you trust Google (or another similar operator, e.g. Apple) to look after your most precious data, and watch over everything you do without using that information in an evil way, or failing to keep it safe and secure?

    Especially when it's free to the end user - who are they really serving?

    It's convenient, but scary.

      That's an extremely valid point - will security come at an extra cost?? Will it be truly secure enough to do you work on the road or is just a case of web browsing made easy?

    I definitely 'get' it. I'm just not sure how practical it is. I mean, if the Internet were accessible EVERYWHERE, then sure. But how do you access your valuable documents when you're in a cave with no Wi-Fi signal, or lost in the bush, or even worse, on the AT&T network?

    I Really respect what Google's doing in this area. This is a company putting its money where its been mouthing off for years, and in (as far as the concept and back-end goes, at the least) an exremely elegant manner.

    Remember that Apple tried this on before iPhone OS 2.0 came out with the App Store, providing APIs to make a web-site over as an iphone app, and saying it was the perfect app development platform. They were Bulsh*tting because they didn't have anything better, but Google actually means what it says, and are taking great strides to make it happen.

    I have decided, however, that i'm going to consider chrome OS in beta for at least 3 years after it comes out, for the following reasons:

    1. I Live in Australia. Bandwidth Blows. Nuff Said.
    2. Cloud-Based computing is not ready yet. There are some good apps,
    3. Current Netbooks are a pain in the ass.

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