Creative's Third Gen Vado HD Pocket Cam Improves... But Drops GB

The third generation of Creative's Vado HD pocket camcorder improves on the last generation's features with better low-light video recording, manual exposure adjustment and motion detection modes, but for some odd reason only a 4GB model will be available.

Creative also claims that there has been some improvement to the audio recording quality, which was a weak point of the prior generations. Other feature additions include:

* Improved quality of video in low light or brightly lit conditions with manual exposure adjustments * External stereo microphone support for better audio recording * Headphone output for private listening * Motion Detection Mode enables users to program the camera to begin recording as soon as motion is detected * Out-of-the box Mac and PC compatibility * Still Photo Capture Mode

The camcorder will be available mid-December for $US180 (and in a whopping five colours). Since that gives you plenty of time to shop, check out our pocket camcorder comparison guide before making a buying decision. [Creative via epiZENter via Engadget]

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