Can Someone Tell Me What This USB Yoda Actually Does?

LatestBuy-usb-talking-yodaI saw the word "USB". I saw the word "Yoda". I reached for my wallet. And then this pesky voice spoke up in my brain and asked, "But what does it do?" And you know what? I can't answer that question. Can you?

The latest USB peripheral from the guys at Latestbuy, the USB Yoda features a motion sensor (with a 3 metre range, apparently), which will activate him. And when I say activate, I mean he will:

...spring into action – activating his lightsaber and slaying them with 6 different phrases of wisdom or warning:

"In the end, cowards are those who follow the dark side." "A disturbance in the Force there is." "Retreat! Cover you I will." "Still much to learn you have." "So certain of defeat are you, hmmmm?" "Rush not into fight, long is the war."

For $40, I was kind of hoping for something more, you know.


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