Camangi WebStation: 7 Inches Of Android Tablet

The Camangi WebStation has been floating around for a few months now in little more than proof-of-concept form. Now, it's on the cusp of being a real product, releasing in the US next month for $US400.

The system runs Android 1.5 through its 7-inch (18cm) 800×480 glass touchscreen display, plus you get Wi-Fi (b/g), GPS, microSD reader, 2-megapixel camera, 0.3-megapixel webcam and a USB port that can always add 3G (though, the whole idea becomes sort of silly at that point).

Plus, a built-in stand on the back means it can double as a picture frame. Yes!!

My only concern is the bit of lag you notice in this video. If the final production models have that issue ironed out, this could be an attractive little tablet. [Camangi WebStation via Gearlog]

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