Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Apple Scroll PastriesPSPgo Finally Getting A Bit Cool With Sega Genesis Emulator
Finally! Still not worth the price of admission…

Is Google Chrome OS Launching Next Week?
Doubt it.

BlackBerry App World Gets Carrier Billing Next Year
Which means it might launch in Australia then…

Bill Gates Praises Steve Jobs For Saving Apple
Those guys should get BFF tattoos…

10 Machines That Have Taken On Important Human Roles
We’re all doomed?

AMD Phenom II Breaks 7GHz Barrier
Hard core.

Normal Was Never Cool: Inception Of Perception
Wow. This Aimee Mullins is an amazingly talented individual. If you haven’t already, read all her posts here.

How To: Make Windows 7 Play Nice With All Your Gadgets
Lock them in a room until they work out their differences?