Brainwave Sofa Turns Your Brilliance Into Butt Cushions

After capturing just three seconds of brain activity through EEG, designers Lucas Maassen and Dries Verbruggen can carve a snapshot of your thoughts into a block of foam.

While the idea itself is entirely unique, the process of constructing the couch sounds almost automated. After hooking someone into an EEG, software converts the brainwave readings into a 3D map. This map is fed into a CNC machine that carves the product itself out of foam.

Done and done.

As of now, the work leans toward proof-of-concept art. But it's not hard to imagine walking into IKEA, thinking happy thoughts about homemade cookies and walking out with a kitchen table that, while not so practical, is inherently chock full of emotional warmth and caloric euphoria. [yatzer and unfold via medgadget]

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