Blockbuster Employee Stabs Himself, Didn't Want To Go To Work

We all know that Blockbuster kind of sucks, but I had no idea working there was this bad.

Amazingly enough, 29-year-old Aaron Siebers stabbed himself then made up some phoney story about being attacked by three skinheads in an attempted robbery, but surveillance footage of the area where it supposedly happened turned up nothing. In the end, Siebers admitted to stabbing himself so he could get out of going to work at a Colorado Blockbuster. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors stitched up his wound.

I have a hard time understanding why someone would pass over calling in sick and go right to self-mutilation in order to get out of work, but perhaps someone who has worked at Blockbuster in the past can confirm that they too have thought about this strategy. [The Denver Channel via Westworld via Digg]

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