AViiQ Aluminium Laptop Stand Review

AViiQ Aluminium Laptop Stand Review

AViiQ is a new company that makes just one product: a portable, aluminium laptop stand that supports systems up to 17 inches while folding up like an accordion.

The Price

$US80 on pre-order now.

The Verdict

I like it both more and less than I expected to.

On one hand, AViiQ’s portable laptop stand matches my MacBook while angling my keyboard at a truly perfect 12 degrees. And it folds, with relative ease, down to an absurdly thin, near-weightless strip of aluminium that can squeeze into any bag, I’m certain.

On the other, the stand feels cheaper than I’d expect for its $US80 price. Sure, we’re talking about aluminium, but more like flimsy, soft drink–can aluminium than unibody Mac aluminium. And it folds through a plastic connective tissue that loosens over time but never feels 100 per cent in terms of general structural integrity.

For $US20, the investment would be a no-brainer. For $US80… well, it’s a bit more complicated. Do what you will depending on your particular socio-economic status.

Super light[imgclear]


Excellent ergonomics[imgclear]

I can’t help but worry about long-term durability[imgclear]