Aussie Scientists Are Hard At Work Growing Bigger Boobs

Even though there are benefits to artificial enhancement, sometimes "natural" is the way to go. Imagine if plastic surgeons could grow boobs instead of relying on traditional implants? It could happen sooner than you think.

The idea of growing tissue in a lab is nothing new, so why not breasts? It's fun to think about, but there is a serious side to all of this as well. We know that there are benefits for patients suffering from disease and injury, but we have to ask ourselves: What implications could this technology have for elective plastic surgery?

Back in 2006, scientists discovered a clue to growing new breast tissue using mammary stem cells. While this development could lead to drugs that could stop cancer, it could also give plastic surgeons the ability to grow new breast tissue. Today we discovered that Australian scientists are starting trials of a procedure called Neopec that involves implanting a biodegradable, synthetic chamber containing a woman's fat tissue in the breast. The chamber acts as "scaffolding" for new breast tissue to grow on.

As awesome as all of this sounds, think about the bigger picture here. Today, there can be a stigma associated with excessive physical augmentation. Do you think our views would change if a woman (or a man for that matter) could be "naturally" augmented through cell manipulation? [Telegraph via PopSci and Times Online]

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