Atom Processor To Get The 32nm Treatment In 2011

Attention, people who like to maintain a complete mental taxonomy of every processor: Cedar Trail has been outed as the new Atom platform for 2011, with the name Cedarview going to the processor itself. Along with 32nm fabrication, some goodies:

According to Fudzilla, the platform will include a new memory controller to accommodate DDR3 RAM which, despite supporting two slots, will remain single-channel. Pineview, the next Atom before Cedarview, hasn't even shipped yet — that's expected to be the beginning of next year — so it's interesting to glimpse this far into the future, where Atom, such as it is, will remain positioned almost exactly where it is now. Oh well! [Fudzilla]

Disclaimer: That Atom sitting on the penny up there is an older version (not that the new one will look any different).

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