Asian Cinema Getting Same Date Releases In Australia

I find this announcement from Cine Asia a bit surprising but really cool – They're bringing out the latest Hong Kong and Chinese cinema releases to Australia and getting them a day and date simultaneous release with the rest of Asia, as well as having them screened at some of the biggest cinemas in the country.

Considering how much we claim we're a multi-cultural country, it's not often that you'll see an Asian blockbuster movie screened at a major cinema. But the upcoming Chinese blockbuster The Storm Warriors (which has an amazing looking trailer, as you can see above) will have a release across Event Cinemas, Greater Union, Village Cinemas & Birch, and Carroll & Coyle all along the east coast of Australia on December 10, the same date the film launches in China.

Hopefully this is a trend we'll see more of. After Transformers 2, I'm a little bit jaded with the crap Hollywood keeps serving up to us...

[Cine Asia]

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