Are Netflix Discs Going To Kill Me?

Are Netflix Discs Going To Kill Me?

If I were to tell you that Netflix sleeves and discs were hotbeds of contamination and disease because they were handled by so many people from delivery to DVD player, you know what I’d be? A filthy liar, that’s what.

This is the exact opposite of Netflix discs, which are actually quite clean, comparatively speaking.

You see, those red sleeves and the delectable range of DVDs they contain are relatively free of any funky viruses or deadly bacteria, this according to an interesting news report out of KLTV 7 East Texas.

As part of the report, six Netflix discs and sleeves were sent to an infectious disease expert at the University of Texas for a good swabbing. After some time in the incubator, the petri dishes were removed, and the samples—thankfully for this Netflix user—were no more covered with bacteria than a sample would have been had the good doctor touched them with his bare hand:

“They were fairly clean,” said [Dr. Richard]Wallace [in an interview with KLTV] . “If I took my fingers and laid them on the top of the plates, this is what you’d grow.” As for the disks themselves, Wallace said he found nothing that could potentially cause disease.

So keep on using that copy of Benjamin Button as a coaster, you’ll be relatively safe—just don’t eat off of it. [KLTV East Texas via Hacking Netflix]