A Very Personal Message To The Buyer Of The iPhone 3GS Supreme

Dear anonymous buyer of the $US3,164,000 iPhone 3GS Supreme, the most expensive and tacky mobile phone in the world: You are a tasteless assclown. Sincerely, Me.

P.S. I don't care that you are a rich Australian business man in the gold mining industry. I don't care that you are so rich that paying $US3,164,000 for this ridiculous piece of gold and diamond tackiness probably doesn't even register in your bank account. And I don't care that this garish brick is made with 271 grams of 22k gold, 136 flawless colour F diamonds for the bezel, 53 diamonds for the logo, and one 7.1 carat diamond as the navigation button. This ostentatious piece of shiny crap that should have never happened. I'm not even taking into consideration that we are in the middle of a worldwide economic crisis, with millions suffering around the world. It's just that it sucks golden donkey balls, no matter how you look at it.

And you are still a tasteless assclown. [Stuart Hughes via Like Cool]

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