64% Of Men Don’t RTFM Before Calling Tech Support

64% Of Men Don’t RTFM Before Calling Tech Support

Gadget Helpline, a UK tech support service, found that well over half of their male customers didn’t even bother to read the manual before calling tech support. C’mon guys, is that the best we can do?

Apparently, 24 per cent of all females calling in had read the manual before picking up the phone. Good on you, ladies. Apparently you’re far less lazy than us when it comes to reading.

We guys are worse at figuring out the easy stuff, too. Twelve per cent of male callers needed to do something stupid to fix the problem, like plugging the item in or turning it on, versus 7 per cent of female callers.

We’re also much less pleasant to talk to. Even through the average female customer spends 33 per cent more time on the phone than the average male, 66 per cent of the helpline staff said they preferred talking to female callers.

Of course, I know that all of you male readers fall into the category of never reading the manual and never having needed to. But still, we could be doing better. [BBC]