1950s Stereo 3D Projector Is Darth Vader's Father

I saw this 1950s projector when I was a kid. He was bad, he killed that Old Dude, but at the end the Goodguys blew up his Badass Star. It comes without its black cape and lightsaber, but it works.

The Stereo Realist Model 81 3-D Slide Projector was manufactured in 1950 by the David White Sales Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It has dual lenses — with 3.5-inch focal length, f.2.8 aperture — and runs on two 500-watt bulbs which are cooled by two separate fans.

Not old school enough for you? Fear not, my dear readers, for you have to feed this thing two slides at a time — to create the stereo image — by hand: There's a slide tray on the top of the projector, with a rotary carrier that pushes the slides when you push a handle on its back.

The projector is for sale on eBay, and I wouldn't be surprised if the great Ralph McQuarrie owned one of these. [eBay via Star Wars Blog]

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