WSJ: Dell Making An Android Phone For AT&T

We heard rumours this week that Dell's Mini 3i Android phone could come to the US, and now the Wall Street Journal says it's AT&T who asked Dell to tweak the phone — and the result may arrive next year.

The WSJ says sources "briefed on the plans" say the phone will be similar to the touchscreen Mini 3i, "but has some different features". That syncs up with Tuesday's rumours that the tweaked US version may add 3G connectivity, and an improved camera (5MP instead of 3MP).

If true, it would be AT&T's first Android phone, and a slight shift in focus away from the iPhone. Android also seems to be on a bit of a march recently: Verizon is readying Android phones (likely the HTC Desire/Hero and Motorola Tao/Droid), Sprint has the new Samsung Moment, and T-Mobile has added the Samsung Behold II to its range of Android phones. Interesting times for Android fans. Maybe analyst firm, Gartner, is on to something when in predicting that Android will be the second-most used mobile phone OS by 2012. [Wall Street Journal]

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