Windows 7 To Awaken New Features In HP Mini 311 Line

Crazy parties aren't the only things set to arrive with Windows 7. The HP Mini 311, a respectable little 1080p-pumping machine in its own right, could possibly get a slight upgrade once the anticipated OS arrives this month.

The tip came from, of all places, the existing Mini 311 service manual, where MyHPMini discovered a host of interesting tidbits regarding the line's future, post-Windows 7:

* Full NVidia ION support * 80GB SSD * 2GB / 3GB RAM * 250GB HDD 5400rpm * 320GB HDD 5400rpm * Windows 7 Starter, Premium and Professional (all 32-bit) OSes

Presently, the Mini ships with only 1GB RAM, a 160GB hard drive and ION LE (no DirectX support, notes Liliputing). With greater features comes great price, obviously, but you didn't need me to tell you that. For reference, the current price is $US400. [MyHPMini via Netbooked via Liliputing]

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