Windows 7 Launch Party Kit Hides Worst Birthday Party Ever

What's inside the Windows 7 Launch Party Kit? Balloons, streamers and no cake. Oh right, they stuck a copy of Windows 7 in there, too.

The box itself.

The contents of the box itself. Note the inclusion of playing cards and a puzzle. These will be collector's items when Ballmer dies.

This looks like a poster, but we believe it to be the "table top centerpiece". Some third world manufacturer took Microsoft for a ride on that mark-up.

One tote bag. Actually, I'd gladly carry around my yuppie organic groceries in this thing.

Ohh, now the good stuff. We're talking four streamers, some balloons and cute Win 7 cocktail napkins. What, no piñata?

On the plus side, you do score a free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. That awesome token basically puts all of our petty comments to rest. [Thanks Rico!]

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