Why Has The BlackBerry Storm 2 Unveiling Been So Weird?

The BlackBerry Storm 2 is the followup to Verizon's most buzzed-about phone of last year—so why has the announcement been so halfassed, weird and clumsy? And, more importantly, where the hell is Verizon?

The Storm 2 is one of the most leaked phones I can remember, starting way back in April, and yet the rollout has been handled with the dexterity of a walrus performing surgery. Basically, Verizon hasn't given the Storm 2 the go-ahead from its TA (technical acceptance) process, and seems unwilling to formally announce the phone until that happens—why, we don't know, since RIM already popped it on their site. Further, the review units have been trickling out rather than flooding, resulting in only a few actual reviews (Mossberg's weird non-announcement announcement certainly does not count as a review).

CrackBerry has a theory on why the release of the Storm 2 has been so surprisingly sloppy, although it's certainly no excuse. CrackBerry mostly puts the blame on Verizon's TA system, for not passing the Storm 2 soon enough, and on RIM for delivering an unfinished OS on the hardware which would result in a slower approval. Check out their take here. [CrackBerry]

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