Why Are Target Selling iPod Touch Cases With Camera Holes?

Why Are Target Selling iPod Touch Cases With Camera Holes?

iluv touch caseBack in September when Apple refreshed its iPod lineup, there was a bit of disappointment and confusion around the Touch’s lack of a camera. Disappointment because it didn’t have a camera, and confusion because case manufacturers had shown off cases boasting a hole for a camera anyway. But what’s even more confusing is that now, six weeks later, target are actually selling cases with the camera slot for iPod Touch, as evidenced by the photo tipster Ryan sent in…

I contacted local distributor iWorld about this, and they told me that the decision to purchase the iLuv stock with a camera hole was Target’s. Apparently iLuv (along with a few other manufacturers, it seems) jumped the gun a bit in creating cases for the 3rd gen iPod Touch, and now there are crates in warehouses full of versions with useless camera holes.

In other words, the fact Target are selling cases with a hole for the mysteriously absent camera for iPod Touch doesn’t mean anything other than the guy who buys stuff for Target didn’t really pay too much attention to the specs on the new iPod Touch when he placed his order for cases.

Still, there’s still a chance Apple will release a Touch with a camera next year. Who wants to start that rumour?

[Thanks Ryan!]