When Memes Collide: A Will It Blend Teardown

So what happens when two marketing execs from the undisputed leaders in elaborate, roundabout publicity stunts get shit-faced together the night before ad pitches are due? Nobody knows for sure, but I bet it would look something like this.

Yes, people, this is the iFixit teardown of a Blendtec Total blender — the ones from those Will It Blend? videos that we basically stopped writing about sometime in early 2007. It's nice to see you again, Tom. Sorta.

The guts in this teardown are decidedly cruder than the carefully-designed gadget innards typical to these kinds of teardowns, which makes sense: this isn't a pocket-sized piece of careful industrial design, this is a commercial grade blender. It transcends gadgetry by powderising it, or something!

And even though the blender is clearly unplugged and, er, disarmed, the whole thing feels like a higher-stakes affair. Maybe it's the 1500-watt motor or the 28,000rpm rotor, or you know, the blades. [iFixit]

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