When Cyclists Are Forced To Fly, There's This Bicycle Luggage

Personally, I'm the calibre of cyclist that's able to ride to wherever it is I happen to travel, including to Europe, but for those of you cut from lesser cloth there's this bit of cleverly shaped luggage called AeroTech Evolution.

If the shape didn't tip you off, let me explain: Like those golf bag-shaped monstrosities you see on airport luggage turnstiles from time-to-time, the AeroTech is shaped like a collapsed bike. Because it's meant to transport bikes in aeroplanes.

There's room for two detached tyres/wheels and the frame, the pedals and space for other cycling goodies. Just be sure you're carting around one of those lightweight aluminium or carbon fibre bikes in this thing — steel frame Huffy's need not apply. [Likecool via Design Blog]

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