Weekend Gadgets: Sennheiser Headphones, Dyson Air Multiplier And The Flip Mino HD

weekend dysonSome cool gadgets for me to play with this weekend: Most exciting of which are the PXC310BT headphones from Sennheiser which cram in both A2DP Bluetooth and noise cancellation.

I've also got the Dyson Air Multiplier here, and it's a super sexy toy, although the novelty wears off after a few minutes. It is just a fan, after all. A very stylish fan, but a fan.

Finally, I've got a Flip Mino HD to play around with. I'm sure I'll be taking lots of videos of my dog and baby, which I'll refrain from posting here on Giz. Don't want you guys thinking I'm a wus or anything...

What gadgets are you playing with this weekend?

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