Week In Review: Apple, Microsoft, Nook And More — It Was Nuts

What didn't happen this week? We saw the Windows 7 release, new Apple hardware, Barnes & Noble's eReader, the beginnings of major net neutrality legislation and more. It was so crazy, we thought we'd round up all the highlights.

Microsoft:Windows 7: A Weekend Install Guide and MoreYou Guys Had Some Wild and Crazy Windows 7 Launch PartiesJapan's Windows 7 Whopper Is Real, and It's HorrifyingBehold! The Saddest Example of Promotional Convergence Ever!Microsoft's First Retail Store Opens (Like Apple Store With More Colours)Windows Mobile 7 Screenshots Leak: Where's the Start Button? Surefire Ways (Not) to Make Windows 7 Cooler7 Reasons to Stick with Windows XP27 Takes on Windows 7Windows 7 Review: You Can Quit Complaining Now

Apple:Apple iMac Review: 27 Inches and Less ChinUnibody Apple MacBook ReviewApple Magic Mouse ReviewTime Capsule and Airport Extreme Grow New Antennas to Get Faster and StrongerMac Mini Updates: Faster Processors, More Memory and a Dual Hard Disk Server10 Things You Need to Know About Apple's New Stuff

Barnes & NobleExclusive: First Photos of Barnes & Noble's Double Screen eReaderBarnes & Noble's Dual-Screen Nook: $US260, Eats the Kindle's LunchBarnes & Noble Compares Nook to Kindle 2: Biased But FairLive From Barnes & Noble's Nook Event8 Reasons You Can Finally Love eBook Readers (Thanks to Nook)Barnes & Noble Nook Up Close: Yep, It's Real Nice

The Rest:FCC: We're Going to Make Net Neutrality the LawThe Totally Predictable Cable Industry Response to the FCC's Net Neutrality PlanJohn McCain's "Internet Freedom Act" Seeks to Block FCC's Net Neutrality RulesMotorola Droid Unexpectedly Appears on Motorola's Site Ahead of Schedule

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