WaterCar Python: Part Corvette, Part Dodge, 100% Wow

You're looking at the fastest, highest-performing amphibious vehicle ever built. The Python jets along at 100km/h on water, and on land, goes from 0 to 100 in 4.5 seconds. Oh, and it's actually now available for anyone to buy.

We've seen initial prototypes before, but this final version looks amazing. It's likely built on a Dodge Ram base, but as you can see, the custom fibreglass body has a tail styled like a Corvette. Better yet, it actually uses an aluminium Corvette LS engine on land too. A rear Dominator jet handles amphibious duties.

Certain to draw all kinds of attention (bikini-clad and otherwise), WaterCar is selling the Corvette-powered, fully assembled Python for a cool $US200,000. [WaterCar via Jalopnik]

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