Warning: Don't Die Around Geeks Or This Might Happen

We're sure it was meant as a loving gesture, but when a man puts his brother's cremated remains into a SPARCstation case, even we begin to question our geek sensibilities.

Strangely enough, the eccentric urn does not seem to have been a request of the deceased, but an earnest and loving gesture by family. From brother/flickr user sam 3.14:

His friends and family were able to leave their final good-byes on post-notes. Anyone who wanted to keep their words private could just slip their note into the case through the floppy slot. All notes will be sealed in plastic and placed within the case. There has been one complication. His daughters like the look of it so much they aren't now sure if they want to bury him.

Apparently "Beam Me Up Scotty. I'm done here" were among the departed's final words.

And while years of browsing the internet has forced me to question the validity of this tale, that same experience has also convinced me that, yes, this probably actually happened. [flickr via Slashdot]

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