Virgin Launches Mobile Wi-Fi Modem

Virgin Mobile WiFi Modem 2Imagine this: you're part of a highly trained squad of three former SAS soldiers on a mission critical to the survival of this country. We're talking top secret. Classified. You get to the rendezvous point in a regional centre of NSW, pull out your military-grade laptop to connect to the Internet to perform your mission. Your two soldier buddies do the same thing. You reach into your bag to pull out your wireless internet key, but there's nothing there. You look to your squad members and realise that due to budget cuts, only mobile broadband solution was issued. Which means your mission fails and the terrorists win. If only you had a Virgin Mobile Wi-Fi modem...

The Mobile Wi-Fi modem runs off a rechargeable Lithium battery, and allows three different devices to connect to it over 802.11b/g. It has a range of about 15 metres, and weighs 90 grams. There's also a MicroSD slot to offer up to 32GB of storage. It runs on both Optus' 900MHz and 2100MHz bands.

Starter packs for the Wi-Fi modem will run at $199 from Dick Smith, which includes the modem and 1GB, although apparently that data is only for a limited time. It'll hit other major retailers in December.


    That's about the dumbest imaginary situation that could be thought of. Even "former" SAS solders would need years of training to configure a wireless network. That's why they have a support squadron. Hi Z troopers!

    that's one heck of an imagination you've got there. impressive product.

    Even if the SAS soldiers had this, I hope they didn't need to connect between 6pm and 9pm. Virgin Internet is useless between these times.

    How in the world did you come up with SAS soldiers !!! and a critical mission made me laugh Im in the middle of nowhere now and telstra does not work only vodaphone,even though they say they have coverage

      I've been drinking :-P

        You shouldn't be drinking! You gotta get home and look after the baby!

          Lol - I wasn't actually drinking... :)

    You reach into your bag to pull out your wireless internet key, but there’s nothing there.

    Isn't that what this is? A wireless internet key, with wifi?

    Now, if three former SAS soldiers had reached into a bag and failed to pull out a USB cable due to budget cuts, that'd be more likely.

    Or I could pull out one of those drinks you mentioned. I'm jealous, that's all.

    1 GB? Its time for au providers to get more data for their users. To expensive.


    Hey Nick, I work @ Virgin Mobile, came across your post, very creative outlook you have there! =)

    It's awesome to see you're as excited about the WiFi Modem as we are. Thanks for the write up, with Members like yourself Virgin Mobile is sure to win the war on terror.

    Thanks again, let us know how you find the WiFi modem and service.

    FYI : Further specs etc @

    Kevin D.
    Virgin Mobile.

    Gosh..i think should be The Rangers,Spetnaz or Marine soldiers. When they pullout the laptop to call UAV or Predator missile, suddenly they realised they need to use the internet but became suprised when they pulled out usb cable instead. ATM, they wish only if this Virgin Wifi modem is there.

    -fixed -

    :P p/s : i love this modem router..

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