Video: Dell Adamo XPS Can Only Be Opened By Rubbing It

The Dell Adamo XPS is ridiculously thin, but now we have some idea of how it actually works. The notebook has a propped up keyboard which can only be opened by sliding a finger on the lid's heat sensing strip.

Have a look for yourself...

Did your mouth drop? Because mine did. I also got to hold the system for a bit and it is really really sturdy. I thought it would be more flimsy, but it has strength.

I can't tell you much more, other than it will be officially announced in November and production is scheduled to ramp up soon. As for what is inside, I can sleep soundly now that I know that there isn't an Intel Atom processor (like the Sony Vaio X), but rather will use an Intel ULV chip of some sort. Now back to your regularly scheduled Windows 7 programming. [Dell Adamo XPS]

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