Toss Recon Scout XT Over Enemy Lines To See The Bad Guys Naked

The Recon Scout XT looks like a power walker's dumbbell, but that doesn't stop the R/C device from being useful to military ops in the field.

Weighing just 1.6kg (including the controller), the robot can land from heights of nine metres onto concrete without sustaining damage. Toss it over a fence, drive it into a bunker and, all the while, a soldier can watch a wireless video feed on the controller's small screen (ranges span from 100 feet if venturing indoors to 300 feet through line-of-sight). The bot will even activate invisible, IR illumination if the area gets too dark.

Of course, the Recon Scout XT is surely meant to assist in violently vanquishing the enemy. But we like to imagine other, MASH-esque usage scenarios involving a uptight sergeants running out of the bath with their shower caps still on. ROFL! [Defense Tech]

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