Toshiba's Stylish Next-Gen Smartphones Could Arrive This Year

Back in April, some pretty interesting renders of Toshiba's upcoming mobile product line leaked out, and now seemingly near production-ready versions of the slick-looking WinMo 6.5 devices are on show at CEATEC (Japan's version of CES). Take a look.

The K01 (shown above) is a QWERTY slider with a 4.1-inch capacitive touchscreen, and is about 15mm-thick. Previous roadmaps suggest it could arrive this year, and will have a 1GHz processor, and 3.2MP camera.

Meanwhile, all reports indicate that this is K02 — a clamshell device with a 3.5-inch (800x480) resistive touchscreen. Last we heard it had a QWERTY keyboard on the inside (and a secondary LCD on the outside), but as you can see, it's now looking more like a Nintendo DS-style dual screen device. Interesting. It's also tentatively expected early next year.

Over at Akihabara, you'll also see pics of the Toshiba L01 — a tablet-like slate with 7-inch (800x480) screen that also doubles as a digital photo frame. Like the K01, it could arrive by year's end.

Everything points to these being WinMo 6.5 devices, but I wouldn't be surprised if any models arriving next year sneak in Windows Mobile 7. [Akihabara News via Electronista]

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