Toshiba U505, M505 Touchscreened In Time For Win 7

Toshiba's upgraded their U505 and M505 notebooks with touchscreens in time for Windows 7. They'll go for about $US1000, to start with. The rest of their "new laptops" seem old.

The U505 has a 13.3-inch screen, while the M505 has a 14-inch screen. Both have Toshiba's touch UI, "Lifespace Bulletin Board" a dashboard for calendaring and to do lists and "Reeltime" a visual thumbnail browser that shows recently opened files.

Also, meta: Toshiba, your press site is terrible. I can't find shit in there and I had to research for a good chunk of time to figure out what's actually new about your new hardware. Come on. [Toshiba Hot Hardware via Engadget]

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