This Week’s Gaming Stories You Cannot Miss

This Week’s Gaming Stories You Cannot Miss

Mass Effect 2 has a release date. Tim Schafer’s rock masterpiece Brutal Legend is out, right along with Uncharted 2 — one of the best PS3 titles to date. If Man’s existence gets any better than this, we’re missing something critical.

Fallout 3 Getting Community Commentary

Why Do We Look Down On 2D Games?
Since the proliferation of 3D games, 2D has become a dirty word. Why?

On The Borderlands Where Shooter Meets RPG

What Did Gabe Newell Think Of Aussie Modder’s Left 4 Dead Campaign?

Nintendo “Gaming Area” Opens At Sydney Retailer

Smart People Talk About Digital Distribution

Byteside Debates The Value Of Gaming Communities

Mass Effect 2 Dated For January, Preorder Bonuses Abound
That armour looks pretty hot, though markedly similar to Iron Man when painted red.

Frankenreview: Brutal Legend

Tim Schafer Explains How To Play Brutal Legend
When a god speaks, I listen.

Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron Preview: I’m A Total Space Case

Assassin’s Creed III? WWII? Sure, Why Not?

Only PC Dragon Age Has Baldur’s Gate Camera
On a 50-inch plasma, I want to geek out with my overhead view.

The New York PSPgo Sign Is Smaller
Sony is so f—king meta it’s insane.

Girls, Slow Motion, Viral! (bikini-level NSFW)

What If Classic Games Had Achievements?
We would have never graduated grade school, that’s what.