This Is The World's "Smallest" And Most Affordable Watch Phone

I'm pretty sure the reason watch phones haven't taken off isn't because they are too large. Don't tell Kempler that though. They have launched its $US199 unlocked WPhone, which they claim is the world's smallest watch with an integrated phone.

Very much like the LG GD910, except smaller, it has a touchscreen face. It is a quad-band GSM device so you can throw in your SIM card for voice. It has 4GB of on board storage and a microSD card slot for your media use.

It comes with a matching Bluetooth headset called the Communicator. We can't tell much about the quality of the device from the photoshopped images, but $US199 isn't too bad for a phone that fits around your wrist. Question is, do you want it to? [Kempler & Strauss via Electronista]

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