The Week In iPhone Apps: The Beautiful Game

There are plenty of good things to drop into the App Store this week. Let's take a look...

AP Stylebook: Anyone who has to crank out copy on a regular basis is probably familiar with the AP stylebook, but an iPhone app seems like an odd incarnation. It's more portable and convenient that the hard copy, sure, but there's an online version too, which makes more sense for most folks, since you don't do a whole lot of actual writing on an iPhone, and flicking an alt+tab to your browser is faster than thumbing through an iPhone search query. Still great for the occasional spot-check, though. $35, which you should probably try to expense.

Talk Assist: This super-simple, free text-to-speech app was designed to help people who have trouble talking. However, it will almost exclusively be used by people who can speak, for laffs.

Squareball: A minimalist, but amazingly polished game that's sort of like if Pong had levels, or if Breakout was a side-scroller. It's really, really hard — give the free version a try before taking the $2.49 dive.

cAR Locator: One old gimmick—GPS as a way to find your car—combined with a new one—an augmented reality overlay, cAR Locator is more of a tech demo or party trick than anything else, but it's a pretty cool one. $2.49, 3GS only.

Scarab: The first iPhone literary magazine, Scarab still has a few kinks to work out. Most of all, you've got to purchase each issue in-app, but due to a quirk in Store policy, the app itself isn't free. If you feel like supporting an experiment like this, feel free; there's some neat stuff here, like the ability to listen to poems read aloud by their writers. $1.19.

This Week's App News on Giz:

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This list is in no way definitive. If you've spotted a great app that hit the store this week, give us a heads up or, better yet, your firsthand impressions in the comments. And for even more apps, see our previous weekly roundups here. Have a great weekend, everybody!

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