The Ridiculously Cool Air Board Personal Hovercraft

The Air Board personal hovercraft is the latest in a long lineage of novelty transportation devices that are as ridiculous as they are expensive. Just don't think about trying to float this $US140,000 punch-line to the beach.

Yes, for a mere $US14,000 and a good bit of dignity, the Air Board will zip you along concrete, asphalt or grass at speeds of up to 24km/h on a 20cm buffer of air. Hovering over water, sand, stones or dirt-filled areas, however, is impossible due to the vacuum mechanism by which the Air Board hovers. Should probably scratch grass off the "can-hover" list then. That leaves you with drive ways and skate parks where you can be ridiculed by your own kids or someone else's. The 5-litre gas capacity is only good for one hour of hovering, so it'll all be over before you know it. Probably for the better. [Likecool]

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