The RED Digital Film Cameras: Big Spec Lists, Big Prices

We've drooled over accessories for RED's line of digital still and motion cameras, but now we've got some specs for the actual DSMCs. No release dates yet, but looks like the EPIC-X with its $US28,000 price will come first.

The first of the two models we're being teased with is the incredibly high-end EPIC-X which will be released in four stages, beginning with a pre-production model dubbed TATTOO and ending with the wide-spread final release model. The details explain the $US28,000 price tag:

* New MYSTERIUM-X 5K sensor * 5K (2:1) at 1-100fps * 4K (2:1) at 1-125fps * Quad HD at 1-120fps * 3K (2:1) at 1-160fps * 2K (2:1) at 1-250fps * 1080P (scaled from full frame) at 1-60fps * Increased Dynamic Range, reduced noise * Time Lapse, Frame Ramping * REDCODE 250 * ISO 200-8000 * New FLUT colour Science * Completely Modular System, each Module individually upgradeable * Independent Stills and Motion Modes (both record full resolution REDCODE RAW) * 5 Axis Adjustable Sensor Plate * Multiple Recording Media Options (Compact Flash, 1.8" SSD, RED Drives, RED RAM) * Wireless REDMOTE control * Touchscreen LCD control option * Bomb-EVF, RED-EVF and RED-LCD compatible * Multiple User Control Buttons * Interchangeable Lens mounts including focus and iris control of electronic RED, Canon and Nikon lenses (along with Zoom data) * "Touch Focus Tracking" with electronic lens mounts and RED Touchscreen LCDs * LDS and /i Data enabled PL Mount * Rollover Battery Power * Independent LUTs on Monitor Outputs * Independent Frame Guides and Menu overlays on Monitor Outputs * Monitor Ports support both LCD and EVF * True Shutter Sync In/Out and Strobe Sync Out * 720P, 1080P and 2K monitoring support * Gigagbit Network interface and 802.11 Wireless interface * 3 Axis internal motion sensor, built in GPS receiver * Enhanced Metadata * Full size connectors on Pro I/O Module. AES Digital Audio input, single and dual link HD-SDI * Support for RED, most Arri 19mm, Studio 15mm, 15mm Lite, Panavision and NATO accessories * Dimensions- Approx. 4"x4"x5.5" * Weight (Brain only)- Approx. 6 lbs (2.72kg)

The other temptress is the Scarlet 2/3-inch, which is "more akin to current video-shooting DSLRs, though it doesn't have a full frame sensor". As with the EPIC-X, there's no release date given. There are some great specs though:

* Increased REDCODE data rates * New FLUT colour, Gamma and Sensitivity Science. Now same as EPIC. * More extensive modular system integration. * Interchangeable Lens mounts including focus and iris control of electronic RED, Canon and Nikon lenses, along with Zoom data (Scarlet 2/3" Interchangeable) * "Touch Focus Tracking" with electronic lens mounts and RED touchscreen LCD's (Scarlet 2/3" Interchangeable and 8x Fixed) * Two independent microphone level channels, balanced input circuits, 48V Phantom Power, digitized at 24-bit 48KHz. * GigaBit Ethernet port * Scaled 1080P at 60fps

Here are a bunch of pictures of the gadgets to drool over (or mock):

Actual RED Pre-Production Unit, Parts, and Details

Accessory and Camera Renders

[Red User via Engadget]

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