The Next Mac Pro Sounds Like A 12-Core Hellbeast

In short, the next Mac Pro might be using Intel's six-core Gulftown (Core i9) processor, possibly in a 12-core configuration, but'll have a custom motherboard that'll support 8GB and 16GB RAM modules (for up to 128GB), along with 10Gbps Ethernet.

Supposedly, we'll see them early next year. If so, and if it uses Gulftown, that'd give Apple a small window of exclusivity with the speed demon chip. [HardMac via AppleInsider]


    Holy Stink. Does it Run Windows7? Kidding. But I want that power.

    I was about to say "wtf, apple's only now finally getting quad cores in their imacs??"

    but this sounds awesome! shame they are so expensive. I don't get why people would want an apple server anyway? I mean all the things that set apple apart (good looks, discrete, user friendly ect) are not important in the server arena.

    the only reason I could see someone would want one is because the programs they wanna run on a their server can only be run on a mac, so really your just supporting their anti-competitiveness.

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