Surefire Ways (Not) To Make Windows 7 Cooler

Surefire Ways (Not) To Make Windows 7 Cooler

Last week we put out a call for help. Windows 7 is great, but it just needs some sex appeal, you know? As usual, our lovely readers came through. Common themes in these Photoshops include: Apple, genitalia, sports and ugh.

First Place: A man who simply goes by “Richard” sent us this, which I had to censor, extensively. Windows 7 is cooler just because if the mere existence of this picture, for reasons I’m not capable of articulating.

Second Place: Alex Gallitano. Yes! The graffitied stamp of a decreasingly edgy, increasingly irritating urban artist is exactly what Microsoft needs.

Third Place: What Dan Mansion lacks in subtlety, he more than makes up for in thoroughness. No slogan unturned, as they say.

And the rest! Warning: A few of these are pretty gross, and almost definitely NSFW