Supertruck Using Two Heavy Trucks As Roller Skates

Here are three powerful reasons to tune to American Chopper's premiere. The first episode—titled Heavy Haulers—tells the story of the Pattersons, who move more than 350 superstructures every year:

Heavy Haulers follows a family of structural movers as they race against the clock and battle extreme odds to move mansions, trains, planes, churches and ships hundreds of miles over treacherous terrain. No structure is too large for monster movers Jeremy Patterson, wife Tonya, 12-year old son Greg and 9-year old daughter Ashley, who built the business from the ground up and now move over 350 structures per year. The pilot episode follows the family's brave attempt to shift a 400-ton brick mansion five miles across Iowa under extreme weather conditions.

The pilot shows the Patterson moving a 400-ton brick mansion across Iowa, under extreme weather. Why and how the hell do you move an entire 400-ton brick mansion? I guess I'd have to tune in for the answer. American Chopper season six premieres on TLC this Thursday at 10PM. [American Chopper via TV Squad]

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