Superbooster Extender Makes Any USB Accessory Wireless

Are your USB peripherals too embarrassing to hang directly from you laptop? Your secret USB spy cameras too creepily hidden to run a wire too? The TruLink Superbooster Extender adds wireless connectivity to anything with a USB plug.

Strictly speaking, this isn't wireless USB — that's it's own entire protocol, and this is more of a workaround. But in any case, here's how it works, I think: The powered base station, which looks a little bit like a tiny router, has a plug for your USB device. It sets up an ad-hoc wireless network with your PC by way of a small USB dongle, and registers whatever you've plugged into the base station, which can be up to 45 metres away, as if it were physically connected to your computer. It's like magic!

Except that it only has one USB port, is only compatibly with USB Specification 1.1 (likely because the wireless spec—a cryptic "2.4 GHz, Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum"—couldn't keep up with 2.0 anyway, and costs a painful $US190, which seems like an awful lot to make a single accessory wireless — or really, semi-wireless. [Cables to Go via PC Launches via Engadget]

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