Stuff We Didn’t Post Today (and Why)

Stuff We Didn’t Post Today (and Why)

Dudes Who Can See Future Say Windows 7 Will Help PC Sales…Peek Gets Twitter (Actually, Peek Already Had Twitter)…iPhone Breathing Down BlackBerry’s Neck…Google Welcomes You to the Social, But the Google Social, Which Will Be Cooler, Seriously

Analysts who I won’t name in order to preserve their most holy humility said that Windows 7 will help PC sales. We’ve been under the impression that this kind of prediction would fall into the “yeah no shit” category, but it’s hard to prove, because a) Christmas is coming and b) the economy may be on the mend. Of course, on the not-so-outside chance that the economic Sarlacc is still slurping us toward its thousand-year stomach, Microsoft and the major PC makers refuse to predict what Windows 7 will mean for sales. So in the end, this “news” is just a chance for some stock brokers to make recommendations to rich speculators, and for analysts to get their names in the paper (whoops!). [WSJ]

got Twitter last month


At the outset, it sounds dumb, and digging deeper it sounds dumber: Though it proclaims to give you “relevant public content from your friends and contacts and highlights it for you at the bottom of your search results,” all it gives me are links to stuff already in my RSS feeds. Because despite the fact that I’m logged into Google all day long, I haven’t manually inputted my Twitter and Facebook information into my public profile, nor do I have plans to. Without heavy user input, it becomes a social with no people, hence my Zune 1.0 reference in the teaser. [Official Google Blog]