Stadskantoor Iskoolmodularblocken

I like Pritzker Architecture Prize-winner Rem Koolhaas' creations so much that I want to have his babies. OK, that part is a lie, but I would certainly have his Tony-Stark-worthy Maison à Bordeaux. His new Stadskantoor is quite impressive too.

Stadskantoor will be constructed at Rotterdam's City Hall. Designed by OMA, Werner Sobek and engineers ABT, the building has a modular structure. Those blocks you see can be added and dismounted to meet changing needs, expanding or reducing office and residential spaces. On the top levels you even have gardens, which are reserved for apartments.

They claim it will be the most energy efficient building in Rotterdam, thanks to its translucent insulation, and a climate control system which is regulated by "warm air stored in summer and released in winter, and vice versa". I don't know how that could possibly work, so I'm going to nod repeatedly, as if I knew what the hell they are talking about, and just concentrate on how beautiful it looks. [ArchDaily]

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