Stabbing Random 15-Year Old Girls Will Not Fix Your Internet

Here is a troubleshooting tip from me to you — stabbing random 15-year-old girls on the street will not fix your internet connection. Unfortunately, this advice comes to late for one troubled Swedish Starcraft player.

Apparently, the 18-year-old kid flew into a rage a few months ago when his connection dropped during an online game. He decided that the only remedy was to skip all of the traditional troubleshooting techniques and go right to stabbing an innocent girl walking down the street. Fortunately, this completely insane act of random violence did not end as bad as it could have — the girl managed to escape with wounds that are not life-threatening. As for her attacker, he is currently spending some downtime at a psychiatric hospital with an attempted manslaughter charge in the works.

Clearly, this is one disturbed individual we are talking about here. I mean, a rational person would have yelled at his modem and smacked it around with tears streaming down his face right? [Metro via SK Gaming via Crunchgear]

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