Spotify Adds Offline Music Caching To Its Desktop Player

Not being allowed to have music subscription service Spotify is now officially the worst thing about being an American (or an Australian): Subscribers will soon be able to listen to unlimited music offline, just like in the murders-everything-else Spotify iPhone app.

The feature, which lets users designate any or all of their content to be available offline, is only available to the £9.99/month or £120/year premium subscribers, but effectively hands them unlimited music, available at all times, for a flat fee. The mobile app is still the showstopper here—we've seen a few all-you-can-eat DRM music services before—but, you know, still, insult to injury. Our only consolation? Spotify thinks they can launch in the US (but probably not Australia) before the end of the year, though I'll be eager to see if they can get as cozy a licensing deal as they found in the UK. [Techcrunch]

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