Sony Throws A PS3 At A Bravia TV At 80km/h 'Cos You Do...

It's to market the fact that Sony are once again giving away a free PS3 with the purchase of select Bravias TVs after October 22. There are 25,000 PS3's available—a few less than last time—but really, all we really care about is expensive stuff smashing into each other.

There are some stats from the "experiment", which should satisfy the mathematicians amongst you:

Fast facts on the crash test: · PS3 Trajectory: Parabolic · Impact Speed: 80km/hr = 22m/sec · Mass of PS3: 3.2kg · Kinetic energy of PS3 at point of impact: 774.4 joules · PS3 deceleration: 246.9g = 2420 m/sec squared · Force of PS3 on BRAVIA TV screen: 7744.0 newtons = 790.2kg force · Sled deceleration: 40.0g = 392m/sec squared · Force on sled: 470400.0newtons, 48000kg force = 48 tonnes force · One 25kg metal bar stops the sled at the end of the track. A new bar is needed for every test · Track speed: 80km · Launch angle: 5 degrees · Sled weight: 1.2 tonnes · Track length: 60 metres, speed reaches 80km at 1 metre before impact · Length PS3 travels when released: 3.19metres · BRAVIA TV is mounted 2 metres from wall

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