Sony Announces Development Of High Frame Rate, 3D Camera

Why use two lenses when one is better? Sony's announced that they're developing a single lens 3D camera with a frame rate of 240fps and none (OK, OK: less) of those freaky misalignments 3D cameras can have.

The emphasis is on smooth and speedy. 240fps 3D filming would be great to begin with, but with Sony taking steps to do it with a single lens camera, it'll be great looking too. While we haven't got much detail about the gadget being developed yet, what we're reading sounds good so far:

  • Captures left and right images simultaneously to deliver natural and smooth 3D images with no accommodation-vergence conflict.
  • Eliminates the need for lens synchronisation, ensuring easily accurate control of 3D zoom and focus functions.
  • When polarized glasses are not used, viewers with still be able to see natural 2D images, as the disparity of the images for left and right eyes are within the range that human eyes can recognise as a blur.
  • Realizes high quality capture of 3D content including fast-moving subject matter such as sports.

Looks like we'll be seeing better quality 3D movies in the future. Here's hoping that this camera's future price tag isn't comparably high to its frame rate though. [PhysOrg]

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