Sleek Privacy: Ruckstuhl Acoustic Panel

According to Jason, the Ruckstuhl Acoustic Panel "is just the thing you need in the library so you won't have to stare at the homeless guy beating off across from you". Well, I got news for your, Mr. Chen.

First, the place you go to with the homeless guy is not a library, and second, the Ruckstuhl Acoustic Panel looks like a better fit for a couple of desks in open office or a home office. This, in fact, looks exactly like my home office, with two iMac 24s facing each other:

The Ruckstuhl Acoustic Panel is made of 100% wool felt, and comes in various colours. It even comes with a magnet holder accessory, so you can put things on it. [Ruckstuhl via Unplggd]

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