Robot-Performed Autopsies: It's Like Having A Stunt Double Corpse

Virtual autopsies create 3D images of deceased bodies to be used for examination. Save for having robots make micro-incisions for tissue samples, real bodies can rest at peace while the virtual stunt corpses are chopped apart. Goodbye, CSI-induced nightmares!

Basically a bunch of stereo cameras are used to record the external structure of a body while a CT scan takes care of the innards. A 3D image is created from the images, and the pathologists can get to work without worrying about deforming a deceased body. If need be, minor incisions into the real body can be made by robots while still keeping damage minimal.

Aside from being far neater than a traditional autopsy, virtual autopsies allow for archiving of the 3D bodies for later medical analysis or case comparison in the event of criminal trials. Not to mention that there'd never be an "Oops. I didn't mean to make that incision" again. [New Scientist via Pop Sci]

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